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Iris, Sparkle
Iris 'Sparkle'
Fertilizing Code:04/08 to 04/09 , 06/13 to 06/14
Pruning Code:10/23 to 10/24

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Siberian Iris thrive in rich, slightly acidic soil with decent drainage. These plants depend on lots of water, so keep them moist at all times.
Fertilizing: Feed one application of 10-10-10 fertilizer in the spring as new growth emerges and once more in mid June.
Trimming: Once frost has caused the leaves to yellow and die, cut off at the ground and remove debris.
Division: Siberian Iris generally do not need to be divided very often. If you desired to produce more plants, do so when leaves are just barely emerging (about an inch) and no later.