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Cranesbill, Karmina
Geranium cantabrigiense 'Biokovo Karmina'
Fertilizing Code:04/08 to 04/09
Pruning Code:10/23 to 10/24

A favorite of those who use it. A spreading groundcover type with raspberry pink flowers from June to August. Small, lobed foliage is attractive all season long and can take on a maroon hue during the fall.

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Geraniums are not picky about soil type, but good drainage will produce much better plants. Moisture needs are average, water deeply rather than frequently. Short dry periods are fine.
Fertilizing: Feeding once during early spring with an all purpose 10-10-10 granular fertilizer.
Trimming: After the foliage has died back due to frost or freezing weather, cut back to the ground and remove debris.
Division: Geraniums are completely fine when left undisturbed for a decade or more, making division not necessary.