Eris Global

Welcome to Eris Global, a product created by landscapers for landscapers. Eris was developed because we kept receiving the same questions from our customers, “how do I identify and take care of my new plants”? After years of research and development, to answer this very question, Eris was born. We are a privately held company that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are serious about bringing your company to the next level, it’s time to experience Eris!

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Access a database with 4000+ items to quickly and easily find the specific plant or item you are looking for.


Provide a professional custom maintenance calendar created specifically for their landscape, with just one simple click.

Slide show

Produce custom slideshows of your material selections to use during a presentation or to share online with your clients.

Email Notification
Email Notifications

ERIS will automatically notify your clients with an email when they have a landscape maintenance task approaching.

I own a small landscaping business and needed an edge up on my competition. Eris has helped me grow my company by increasing my professional image with this tool. Thank you!–MN

Great customer service! Eris is super easy to use. I LOVE IT!–Brenda, WI

This tool is amazing. I can setup portfolios within ERIS for my customers with all of their plant images. Then they have their own URL to view their job anytime they want! This tool has a ton of cool features that are easy to use. It’s a must have in my book.–Dave, MN

am the owner of a midsized landscaping business in central MN and I have noticed my warranty claims decrease substantially because of Eris. This is a very easy to use and efficient product. Eris has provided me more time to do other tasks. I highly recommend this product–MN